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Our mission at Psychedelic Times is to share the latest news, research, and happenings around the study of Psychedelics as tools of healing, recovery, therapy and spiritual growth. We are passionate about the incredible potential that psychoactive medicines such as Marijuana, Cannabis, Ayahuasca, MDMA, LSD, Iboga, Ibogaine, Psilocybin, DMT and 5-MeO-Dmt present to humanity, and are excited to share that passion with you.

Feb 21, 2016

Today, in the second installment of our podcast series, we speak with Jonathan Dickinson, the Executive Director of the Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance (GITA), a not-for-profit organization that supports the therapeutic and sacramental use of Ibogaine as well as research, education, and advocacy about the medicinal plant’s benefits as an addiction interrupter and beyond.


Show Notes

  • The birth of Bwiti tradition in resistance to colonists [2:18]
  • The differences and applications of iboga, ibogaine, and total alkaloid extract [6:10]
  • How to reconcile iboga conservation with its therapeutic demand [11:20]
  • Jonathan Dickinson’s Bwiti initiation experience in Ebando, Gabon, and the risks and benefits of a traditional initiation experience [15:13]
  • The origins of GITA, the importance of diverse backgrounds, and how Dickinson joined the team [25:33]
  • Ibogaine is an oneirogen: how it differs from classic psychedelics [32:30]
  • The Global Ibogaine Conference: Who, what, and where? [35:32]
  • What to look for when choosing an iboga-assisted addiction treatment [49:15]
  • Current attitudes toward iboga in America: Vermont and beyond [55:40]